Welcome to Bordeaux.  This city will admire you by  it's strong resemblance to Paris and even to Saint Petersbourg.  It's monuments, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage Liste, bear the millenium history. Aquitany region, the Bordeaux' region is one of the principal  producer of  the rare and the  most exquisite wine in the world.

In order to discover the mysteries of  the divine  nectar  we invite you to visit the most famous Châteaux of the Bordeaux region and to discover  culinary «savoir-faire» to accentuate all the gustative delights of  wine and food fusion.

This region will attract you by the diversity of it's haute cuisine. Here you will take thousand opportunities to taste foie gras and duck cooking skills, or entrecote à la Bordelaise  accompanied by ceps or….

 And don't forget Bordeaux is in the 50 km vicinity from the ocean. You will have all the opportunities to taste newly caught  fish and fresh seefood, local oysters on the seaside while enjoying the beautiful siteseeings and the fresh air full of iodine and of vivified energy.


We hereby propose you a basic programme  of  the holidays in Bordeaux region.

This programme can be modified  according to your desires, tastes and aspirations:


The 1st day – Bordeaux (2-3 hours visit of  Bordeaux) walking tour is the best to discover the sightseeings.


Bordeaux city is looking forward to show you all it's beauties. It's a diamand of  history and  of art. One of  the world's capital of the mark wines is known from the Antiquity under the name of Burdigala. The city itself is the most valued architectural monument. Bordeaux counts multitude of  museums, siteseeings and simply remarkable squares, streets and other places.

Bordeaux is famous not only by it's wine, magnificient quais and architectural beauty, but  it's also a starting point for wine tours.


The 2nd day – peninsular Medoc (8 hours)

You will follow  the  road of  Grand Châteaux in Medoc,  the most famous winemaking region of the entire world. Here due to the estonishing diversity of  the soil, grape varieties and winemakers' skill, wine provesd  the exquisite and luxiourous  way of life of  Bordeaux  region inhabitants.

Visit Châteaux, taste  elite wines, comprehend  the vinification and aging processes, contact the winemakers, participate in the receptions in the châteaux, blend your own wine!


The 3d day – Saint Emilion (8 hours)

The programme comprises  walking tour  in  the Midieval City-Fortresse Saint Emilion, which gave it's name to the fine wines, diamands in the crown of the Bordeaux wines. The vines of  Saint Emilion are the most ancient of  Bordeaux region. Due to it's uniqeness the medieval city of  St. Emilion and St. Emilion winemaking territory are on UNESCO World Heritage List from 1999.

While visiting  Saint Emilion, tasting  it's  famous wines, contemplate the beautiful vine landscape… you can as well visit the Monolithic Church and the Hermitage where lived the monk Emilion in the 8th century, whose name the city bears till nowadays.  Your guide will open the door of  these unique monuments by her own keys.


The 4th day – Arcachon (8 hours)

Silver coast on the Atlantics – it's an endless 230 beach of sand, dominated by the biggest in Europe Dune du Pilat.

Oysters production farm, tour of the 19th century balnear town Arcachon, climbing the Dune, pleasure of work in the oyster parc with the oyster producer…  all those activities wait for your presence on the Atlantic coast.


The 5th day – Pessac-Léognan+ Sauternes (8 hours)

During this day you will visit the famous winemaking region of Bordeaux -  Pessac-Léognan, known by it's white and red dry wines. You can have a visit et a tasting in one of  those prestigious Châteaux, many of which are artworks of architecture.

You will make a trip  to the universally known winemaking region Sauternes, where natural liquourous wines from «nobly rotten grapes» is produced.


The 6th day – Cognac (10 hours)

Your arrival point is a town Cognac, where  french cognacs are produced. You will visit the most known cognac houses and taste this health bringing potion. You can visit the cognac house according to your choice. We will assure reservation!